Titanic: The Untold Story

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Joe Baker was already well known in North Belfast for his prolific output of assorted publications and magazines on local history, ghost and true crime stories, the McMahon Murders and the Troubles, and his campaign to have the historic imporance of the Old Clifton Street Cemetery recognised by Belfast City Council, before I asked him to contribute a regular column to the North Belfast News early in 2002. Joe had written occasionally for the paper before that but his 'Looking North' column has featured in every edition of the paper since March 2002 and has become one of the most talked about and argued about columns in the paper.

I am delighted that Joe has now taken the time to pull the best of those articles together to make them available to the public in the boom form and those who buy the book won't be disappointed as Joe has included some of his very best peices.

I look foward each week to Joe arriving in the North Belfast News' office with disk in hand, a couple of tales and a bit of banter, before I get privilege of getting to see his piece before his regular readers.

Joe's focus is still very much on local history but he is always on the lookout for the quirky, and the fun generated by many of North Belfast's great characters of the past.

His ghost stories and his tongue-in-cheek look at some of the court cases, which featured in the newspapers of yesterdayear, have become a hugely popular feature with our readers.

Joe baker has also proved time and time again that local history is anything but boring and that much of our history is still relevant to the present day.

He has exchanged historicle brickbats with some of our local politicians on the front pages of the North Belfast News and in other print and broadcast media on the McMahon Murders and the activities of an RIC murder gang.

I wish Joe every success therefore with this latest book and with his current output for the North Belfast's cimmunity newspaper hopefully it won't be long until the next edition is ready to go to print.

The paper size of this book is: A4

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